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Sven's retrofitted Titan variant in Destroyer

A Titan is a large special class of omnic primarily developed by Torbjörn for urban development. It possessed enough physical strength to punch through a skyscraper and crush a tank.

During the Omnic Crisis, Titans were weaponized into war capable variants of the original design and used against humans. They are described as walking skyscrapers and possess powerful weaponry such as energy cannons in place of hands, rocket launchers on it's shoulders and gatling guns on it's sides, their external hull also possess a heat sensor. The omnics also installed drones into the Titans to act as an internal defense system.

In Destroyer, Sven piloted yet another version of the omnic, a retrofitted Titan he developed - which possessed a lot of additions to it, with many of the original specs changed up - to attack the city of Boklovo. The Titan's internal drones were also upgraded by microthrusters. He was stopped by Torbjörn.

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