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Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!

Tracer is one of the heroes in Overwatch. She is an time-jumping adventurer who always willing to fight for the virtuous in the face of her life-threatening chronal disassociation condition.

Toting twin pulse pistols, energy-based time bombs, and rapid-fire banter, Tracer is able to "blink" through space and rewind her personal timeline as she battles to right wrongs the world over.


The former Overwatch agent known as Tracer is a time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good.

Lena Oxton (call sign: "Tracer") was the youngest person ever inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program. Known for her fearless piloting skills, she was handpicked to test the prototype of a teleporting fighter, the Slipstream. But during its first flight, the aircraft's teleportation matrix malfunctioned, and it disappeared. Lena was presumed dead.

She reappeared months later, but her ordeal had greatly changed her: her molecules had been desynchronized from the flow of time. Suffering from "chronal disassociation," she was a living ghost, disappearing for hours and days at a time. Even for the brief moments she was present, she was unable to maintain a physical form.

Overwatch's doctors and scientists were stumped, and Tracer's case seemed hopeless until a scientist named Winston designed the chronal accelerator, a device capable of keeping Tracer anchored in the present. In addition, it gave Tracer the ability to control her own time, allowing her to speed it up and slow it down at will. With her newfound skills, she became one of Overwatch's most effective agents.

Since Overwatch's dissolution, Tracer has continued to right wrongs and fight the good fight wherever the opportunity presents itself.


Icon pulsepistols
Pulse Pistols
Rapid fire hitscan type
40 ammunition
2 round(s) per shot 
40 rounds per sec
1.5 - 6 damage for each round, max 12 damage for body shot
11 - 30 m falloff range
1 sec reload

Tracer rapid-fires both of her pistols.

✔ Can headshot
✔ Subject to falloff damage
Default Key: (Left Mouse, Right Trigger)
Non-damaging movement type
3 ammunition
7.8 m range
3 sec cooldown

Tracer zips horizontally through space in the direction she’s moving, and reappears several yards away. She stores up to three charges of the blink ability and generates more every few seconds.

Default Key: (Left Shift, Left Button)
Alternate Key: (Right Mouse, Left Trigger)
Non-damaging and healing movement type
1.25 sec duration
12 sec cooldown

Tracer bounds backward in time, returning her health, ammo and position on the map to precisely where they were a few seconds before.

Default Key: (E, Right Button)
Ultimate Ability: Pulse Bomb
Timed bomb ultimate type
Max 400 damage
3 m radius
1 sec duration

Tracer lobs a large bomb that adheres to any surface or unfortunate opponent it lands on. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing high damage to all enemies within its blast radius.

Default Key: (Q, Y)
"Time's up!"

Beside these abilities, Tracer is able to jump, crouch, reload (only when her ammo is not full), and perform Quick Melee.


All seasonal event items, which are marked with special event icons (Summer Games Item IconHalloween Terror Item IconWinter Wonderland Item IconYear of the Rooster Item Icon), are only available to be unlocked either through the respective Loot Boxes or by Credits within the event's duration. Items which are obtained from an external source, are marked with Blizzard icons (Blizzard Item Icon) and their requirements are noted below.


For all of Tracer's skins and weapons, see Tracer/Skins and Weapons.
Tracer classic
Tracer electricpurple Tracer hotpink Tracer neongreen Tracer royalblue
Electric Purple
Hot Pink
Neon Green
Royal Blue
Tracer posh Tracer sporty Tracer rose
(Year of the Rooster Item Icon, Credits750)
Tracer punk Tracer ultraviolet Tracer macht Tracer tracer
Mach T
T. Racer
Tracer slipstream Tracer sprinter Tracer trackandfield Tracer jingle
(Blizzard Item Icon)
(Summer Games Item Icon)
Track And Field
(Summer Games Item Icon)
(Winter Wonderland Item Icon, Credits3000)
Blizzard Item Icon The Slipstream skin is obtained by purchasing (or upgrading to) the Overwatch's Origins Edition and/or the Collector's Edition.[1][2]


Tracer emote heroic
Tracer cheer Tracer havealaugh Tracer sittingaround
Have A Laugh
Sitting Around...a
Tracer spin
a This emote after activating will remain in its animation until the player inputs other actions to interrupt it.

Victory Poses

Tracer classic
Tracer overtheshoulder Tracer salute Tracer sitting
Over the Shoulder
Tracer rip
(Halloween Terror Item Icon, Credits225)

Voice Lines

Voice Lines cost Credits25 each, excluding event items.
  • Aw, Rubbish
  • Be Right Back!
  • Check Me Out
  • Cheers, Love! ("Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!")
  • Déjà Vu ("Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?")
  • Keep Calm ("Keep calm and Tracer on.")
  • She Shoots, She Scores ("She shoots, she scores, haha!")
  • The World Needs Heroes ("The world could always use more heroes.")
  • Under Control ("I have this under control.")
  • You Got It (default)
  • You Need A Time Out ("Looks like you need a time out.")
  • Eat My Dust (Summer Games Item Icon)
  • Ooh, Scary! (Halloween Terror Item Icon, Credits75)
  • It's In The Bag (Winter Wonderland Item Icon, Credits75)
  • Ready For Some Fireworks? (Year of the Rooster Item Icon, Credits75, "Who's ready for some fireworks?")


For Tracer-specific sprays, see Tracer/Sprays.

Highlight Intros

Tracer highlight heroic
Tracer backflip Tracer justintime Tracer seriousbusiness
Just In Time
Serious Business
Tracer hurdle Tracer liondance
(Summer Games Item Icon)
Lion Dance
(Year of the Rooster Item Icon, (Credits750))


Tracer classic golden pulsepistols
(Competpoints blackborder 3000)


Tracer pixel
Total Recall

Recover 400 health using Tracer's Recall without dying in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Pixel Spray

Tracer cute
Special Delivery

Stick 4 of Tracer's Pulse Bombs onto enemies in a single quick or competitive play game.
Reward: Cute Spray


Origins SlipstreamTracer 002

Lena before the Slipstream's malfunction

At a young age, Lena Oxton was accepted into Overwatch as a pilot under the call sign Tracer. Her skills made her an ideal candidate for the first pilot of the Slipstream, a fighter jet capable of teleportation. However, the Slipstream malfunctioned, giving Lena the world's first case of chronal disassociation. For several months, she would vanish and reappear at random and was completely intangible.

After months of research, Winston was able to design a chronal accelerator for Lena. The device not only cured the problems presented by her condition, but also allowed her to speed up, slow down, or even rewind her own time manually. Using these abilities, Tracer became a standard soldier for Overwatch, until the organization was shut down.

At the time of the Overwatch recall, Tracer was in London. She was the first to contact Winston when he sent out the signal.

Tracer later attended Tekhartha Mondatta's speech in King's Row. She tried to stop Widowmaker from assassinating him, but failed. Widowmaker incapacitated her, and she was left with a damaged chronal accelerator.[3] Tracer then met and worked with Winston to stop Widowmaker and Reaper from stealing Doomfist's gauntlet. Though the gauntlet was damaged, there were no casualties.[4] Their action was reported on the news, and due the the Petras Act, would be deemed illegal and punishable by laws.

During the holidays, she attended a very small Christmas gathering at Watchpoint: Gibraltar with Winston and her girlfriend, Emily, after running around London to buy for Emily a present and helping people on the way.[5]

Incident Report

The following incident report of the accident with the Slipstream was taken from the Overwatch Visual Source Book.[6]
Incident Entry #1

At 630 hours, test pilot Lena Oxton completed her in-flight check and activated the OWX-01 Slipstream's teleportation matrix.

Incident Entry #2

After hours without radar or visual contact, the Slipstream was presumed destroyed, and Oxton was listed as MISSING IN ACTION.

Development Entry #3

After weeks of failed attempts, Overwatch operative Winston engineered an entirely new solution.

Final Entry #4

Oxton is again firmly anchored in present time. Recommending that she be transferred from flight operations to field combat training.


Tracer is a very energetic and cheeky girl, loving a good joke and giggling during battle. She's often quick witted and displays great affection and even insight towards her friends, such as Winston and Mei. She is extremely fearless and determined, not being afraid to take chances and being enthusiastic about discovering new things and places, according to her reaction to meeting all the different characters and seeing all the sights of the Nexus in her trailer for Heroes of the Storm.

Tracer seems to be interested in the teachings of Mondatta and the Shambali, as conveyed by her dialogue with Zenyatta. She also prefers to keep her pulse bombs to herself, as specified by one of her lines with Junkrat.



  • When Tracer uses Recall, the player using her views herself moving backward, while enemies only see her disappear. This means that enemies will not be able to see where she is immediately after using Recall.
    • If fighting Tracer, try to predict where Tracer will be after her Recall.
  • Tracer can Blink to cross gaps, opening up alternate routes. For example, Tracer can Blink across the gap in the left side of Hanamura (left when facing point B from point A).
  • Tracer is best used as a flanker, as it lets her get close to her enemies much more easily, and her pistols deal very high burst damage at close range.
  • Make sure to move around and blink erratically to make yourself harder to hit, as Tracer has low health. Her unpredictable movement will also disorient and attract attention from her enemies, making it easier for her teammates to deal with them.
    • However, note that Tracer's Blink has a cooldown of a few seconds, which can be substantial in combat.
  • Using Recall will never lower Tracer's current health, even if she has made a net health gain in the last 3 seconds.
  • A good time to use recall is when Tracer is close to death and she makes a wheezing noise of some sort.
    • Recall can also save Tracer from Insta-kills by Reaper or Roadhog.
  • Recall will also remove debuffs such as Orb of Discord and Biotic Grenade.
  • Tracer's Blinks are not affected by Mei's gradual slowing effect, and using a Blink will reset Tracer's freeze counter, meaning she will move at full speed afterward and needs to be frozen from scratch again. However, Tracer cannot Blink or Recall once actually frozen. Blinks MAY be affected by the Blizzard area.
  • Because of the difference in aiming mechanisms, Tracer is slightly stronger on console than on PC, being able to deal more damage.


  • Winston and Symmetra can be a problem for Tracer as their weapons do not need to be aimed precisely.
  • Roadhog can survive being stuck with a Pulse Bomb, and then heal the damage. If he hooks her, she has little chance of surviving.
  • Avoid sticking a Pulse Bomb on Zarya; she can use her shield to survive the damage and absorb a large amount of energy from it.
  • McCree can stop Tracer dead in her tracks, leaving her open to attack.


  • Tracer was the first hero completed and implemented into the game. She was designed as a combination of a fighter pilot and a track athlete.[7]
  • Tracer's Agent ID is 3945_50.[8]
  • Tracer's hair was originally black, rather than brown. This can be seen in her concept art.
  • Tracer has the most skins in the game, with 16 (including Classic), and also has the most legendary skins in the game, with 8.
  • In March–April 2016, there was a controversy relating to Tracer's Over The Shoulder victory pose, claiming that the pose was out of character. Blizzard followed through with the complaint and released a new update on April 5, 2016, editing said pose to be more appropriate.
  • Tracer is seen in the tutorial guiding the player, who works through as Soldier: 76.
  • In the Summer Games, Tracer's signature sport is track and field.
  • Tracer is capable of removing her chronal accelerator and still maintain her point in time. This is shown to occur at least twice in Reflections.
    • Blizzard later stated on Facebook that, as long as Tracer is in the vicinity of her chronal accelerator, she can maintain her point in time.[9]

Other Blizzard games

Cultural References

  • Tracer's skin "Mach T" is a reference to the famous Ford GT40 Racing Livery.
  • Tracer's skin "T. Racer" is a reference to the classic popular cartoon, Speed Racer.
  • Tracer's Posh and Sporty skins are likely references to the Spice Girl band members Posh Spice, Victoria Adams and Sporty Spice, Melanie Chisholm.
  • Tracer's chronal accelerator on her chest displays lights that are similar to the King's Row Big Ben's clock face.
  • Tracer's accent is intended to be London Cockney. However, the combination of this with professional-quality elocution is a jarring contradiction for many British listeners, giving her the sound of an exaggerated stereotype or an upper-class woman affecting an accent. Her use of "Wicked" to mean good, which is almost never used by adults except as a parody of teenagers' speech (and in the modern UK rarely used by teenagers at all) contributes to this.
  • The August 2nd patch introduced two new Olympic-themed skins for Tracer called "Sprinter" and "Track & Field". Instead of a chronal accelerator, these two skins have a digital stopwatch on Tracer's chest that reads 13:37, which is a leetspeak term for Leet.

Patch changes

  • Overwatchemblem black February 28, 2017 Patch: Fixed a bug preventing Tracer’s ”Clock’s Tickin’’ spray from matching the thumbnail in the Hero Gallery.
  • Overwatchemblem black January 31, 2017 Patch: Fixed a bug that allowed Tracer to reach unintended locations outside the standard gameplay boundaries on several maps.
  • Overwatchemblem black January 24, 2017 Patch: Fixed a bug causing Tracer’s “You Got It” voice line to play an incorrect line.
  • Overwatchemblem black November 15, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug preventing some of Tracer’s voice lines from activating with her Punk skin equipped.
  • Overwatchemblem black September 1, 2016 Patch: The scarf on Tracer's Slipstream skin is no longer stiff in the Hurdle highlight intro. The names of Tracer's Sprinter and Track and Field skins now display correctly.
  • Overwatchemblem black August 2, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug where the Origins Edition skins would not count towards unlock progress of the “Decked Out” Achievement.
  • Overwatchemblem black April 5, 2016 (beta) Patch: Origins Edition skins can now be equipped.


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