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Uprising Menu Tracer

Tracer back in her first mission, to liberate King's Row from the extremist group Null Sector

Uprising was a lore-based seasonal event in Overwatch that started on April 11, 2017, and ended on May 2, 2017. The event included a new lore-based co-op brawl mode that takes place in a modified version of King's Row.

The event also contained a destroyed reskin of King's Row, special achievements and a limited series of items, which could be earned through special Loot Boxes, and unlocked through Hero Gallery. All event-exclusive content became unobtainable once the event ended.

A special comic, Uprising, was released as a part of this event's promotion.


Uprising Menu Torbjorn

Torbjörn played an important part in Overwatch's plan to defeat Null Sector, as his bomb is the plan's centerpiece

Uprising took place near the end of Overwatch as an organization. It was an Overwatch mission tasked to defeat the Null Sector uprising in King's Row. After Commander Jack Morrison's proposal of an Overwatch strike team was shut down by the British Prime Minister, he went against it and sent Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy on to fight the Null Sector omnics against the orders. It was also Tracer's first mission after she has been transferred to field combat training. The team fought through the city, shutting down anti-air turrets, delivered a bomb to the hideout and defeated the Null Sector omnics.

Uprising brawlEdit

Uprising Menu Reinhardt

Reinhardt in his Overwatch Lieutenant suit, which he had donned in the Uprising mission

Main article: Uprising (brawl)

Uprising is an Arcade game mode exclusive to the event. This special brawl takes place on a modified version of King's Row. Similar to Junkenstein's Revenge, a team of 4 players complete objectives while fighting off hordes of AI-controlled enemies in true PvE fashion. There are 4 difficulties available: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary.

In the normal version, players choose between Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy, while in the All Heroes version, any hero can be chosen, with the hero stacking rule forbidden.

Uprising ItemsEdit

Uprising Menu Mercy

Mercy in her Combat Medic Ziegler skin

Uprising Loot Box

An example of an Uprising Loot Box

There are 114 Uprising items, which are comprised of 10 Skins, 3 Emotes, 6 Victory Poses, 48 Voice Lines, 31 Sprays (including 6 Sprays from the achievements), 3 Highlight Intros, and 13 Player Icons. All items can be earned by opening special Loot Boxes, which replaces the normal Loot Boxes during the Overwatch Uprising event. All items excluding player icons are purchasable at a cost of three times the normal price of items of the same rarity. Completing Special achievements will grant the player unique sprays which are exclusive to this event. Items along with the achievements which were not obtained during the event remain unavailable after the event ends.

Additional SkinsEdit

Epic Skins
All Epic skins cost (Credits 750)
Legendary Skins
All Legendary skins cost (Credits 3000)

Additional EmotesEdit

All emotes cost (Credits 750)

Additional Victory PosesEdit

All victory poses cost (Credits 225)

Additional Voice LinesEdit

All voice lines cost (Credits 75)
  • Damn (Ana) ("مش ممكن")
  • The Ghost Watches (Ana)
  • Dwee Wee Woh (Bastion) (sound of startling, alert)
  • Zwee-ah Wheee Doo Woo (Bastion) (sound similar to old-machine data processing)
  • Not Taking Me Seriously (D.Va) ("I get the feeling you're not taking me seriously.")
  • Try And Keep Up (D.Va)
  • Another! (Genji) ("替え玉!")
  • Life And Death Balance (Genji) ("Life and death balance on the edge of my blade.")
  • Beauty In Simplicity (Hanzo) ("There is beauty in simplicity.")
  • Unacceptable (Hanzo)
  • Come The Raw Prawn (Junkrat) ("Don't you come the raw prawn with me.")
  • Too Right! (Junkrat)
  • Boop (Lúcio)
  • Learn To Take It Easy (Lúcio) ("You need to learn to take it easy.")
  • A Man's Gotta Have Rules (McCree)
  • The Old Fashioned Way (McCree) ("Guess we'll do this the old fashioned way.")
  • Science This (Mei) ("I'm going to have to science the heck out of this!")
  • Scientific Explanation (Mei) ("I'm sure there's a reasonable scientific explanation for this.")
  • Not Sure Why I Bother (Mercy) ("Sometimes I'm not sure why even bother.")
  • Take Care Of Yourself (Mercy) ("You really should take better care of yourself.")
  • Error: Division By 0 (Orisa)
  • Functionality Still In Beta (Orisa) ("Some functionality may still be in beta.")
  • Don't Take It Personally (Pharah)
  • I Am The Rocket Queen (Pharah)
  • Amateur Hour(Reaper) ("Looks like it's amateur hour.")
  • Moving On (Reaper)
  • Easy Does It (Reinhardt)
  • Unstoppable (Reinhardt)
  • Killed For Less Than That (Roadhog) ("I've killed someone for less than that!")
  • She'll Be Right (Roadhog)
  • Not Getting Any Younger (Soldier: 76) ("I'm not getting any younger.")
  • Whatever You Say (Soldier: 76)
  • Don't Be A Coward (Sombra) ("¡No le saques!")
  • I'd Love To Stay And Chat (Sombra) ("I'd love to stay and chat, but... I'm not going to.")
  • Kindly Adjust (Symmetra)
  • Taken Under Advisement (Symmetra) ("I've taken your opinion under advisement.")
  • Just Start Hammering (Torbjörn)
  • Poor Craftsman (Torbjörn) ("Ptheh, poor craftsmen blames their tools.")
  • Don't Be Daft (Tracer)
  • Sorry I'm Late (Tracer)
  • The Performance Begins (Widowmaker) ("The performance is about to begin.")
  • Your Emotions (Widowmaker) ("Your emotions make you vulnerable.")
  • Have You Seen My Glasses? (Winston) ("Have you, um... seen my glasses?")
  • I Have The Right Stuff (Winston)
  • I Was Born In Battle (Zarya)
  • Ready To Give Up? (Zarya)
  • Path To Enlightenment (Zenyatta) ("Walk along the path to enlightenment.")
  • Where You're Headed (Zenyatta) ("If you do not change direction, you may end up where you're headed.")

Additional SpraysEdit

All sprays cost (Credits 75)

Additional Highlight IntrosEdit

All highlight intros cost (Credits 750)

Additional Player IconsEdit

King's Row map reskinEdit

Main article: King's Row (Uprising)

King's Row in the past was reenacted in the Uprising brawl. The map showed the devastating destruction in the time of the occupation of Null Sector.


NEW SEASONAL EVENT Welcome to Overwatch Uprising!

NEW SEASONAL EVENT Welcome to Overwatch Uprising!

King's Row Uprising Origin Story Overwatch

King's Row Uprising Origin Story Overwatch


  • This seasonal event was scheduled to end by May 1, 2017. However, due to a bug that resulted in the event ending earlier than scheduled, Blizzard Entertainment extended the period of the event. The event then ended on May 2, 2017 at 5pm PDT.

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