The Overwatch theatrical teaser is an animated short released on Dec 18, 2015, in the middle of Closed Beta period. It is the first teaser and was screened at selected theaters.

The future is now. Are you with us? To learn more and sign up for the beta, visit link

Making its debut in select theaters nationwide, this is the first official Overwatch™ teaser. Team up and accomplish the incredible with a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities!

Video TranscriptEdit


[Open on a shot of a battlefield. Two soldiers are on the front, and two other on the background. The one closest to the camera looks up after heard a jet-plane-like sound, prompts another soldier doing the same. They start to brighten up and smile at what they saw on the sky.]

[Cut to the sky, where a humanoid figure flies out of the clouds. Close up to reveal it is Pharah.]

Pharah: We are hope.

[Fade out and in to a shot of a London alley. One omnic is injured and his right hand is completely severed. A human mechanic is trying to help. On the wall behind them are posters for the Omnic Rights movement and the graffiti "NOT HUMAN" painted next to it. Zoom out to reveal Reinhardt is standing in front, and glancing at them. The two look in Reinhardt's direction and cower as a Molotov cocktail is thrown at them. Reinhardt immediately activates his Barrier Field to protect them.]

Reinhardt: We are honor.

[Fade out and in to a shot of a tundra in a light snow. A MEKA unit is fighting a titan-scale mech. The camera follows the MEKA unit; it turns and closes up to reveal the pilot, D.Va.]

D.Va: We are courage.

[Fade out and in to a shot of Dorado's bank. Three bank robbers are shooting at some obscured target on the left. The closest robber, who has a gold-crown, turns his head to the right. The camera suddenly pans right and up to reveal Soldier: 76 using his Heavy Pulse Rifle's shoulder stock to hit that robber on the cheek. The gold tooth can be seen flying off]

Soldier: 76: We are justice.

[Switch to a shot of rubble implied to be the aftermath of a building's destruction. A little girl is lying on her chest in the midst of the rubble. She looks up as a yellow light shines through the debris.]

[Cut to the scene in front of the child, Mercy can be seen flying to her, with the Caduceus Staff in her right hand and her left hand extending forward. A destroyed city and skyscrapers are shown in the background.]

Mercy: We are compassion.

[Fade in and out to Numbani city. A heavy armed helicopter is shooting homing rockets at a running figure. The figure flashes forward two times to escape the rockets. The camera follows the figure, revealed to be Tracer, and closes up in the middle of her front flip. She pulls out her Pulse Pistols.]

Tracer: We are determination.

[Fade in and out to a close-up shot of Genji's face. He shealths his Ryu-Ichimonji in the midst of a storm of sakura petals. The camera zooms out to reveal he is sitting on a robot that has been cut apart. The scene takes place in a grassy meadow, with a sakura tree behind them. A big city and Mt. Fuji can be seen in the background.]

Genji: We are harmony.

[Fade in and out to a shot of Winston watching a rocket on its way up to the space. Close up to his face to see that he is smiling.]

Winston: We are Overwatch.

[Zoom out to reveal all heroes of the game standing on a platform in Watchpoint: Gibraltar behind Winston. Hanzo, Pharah, Tracer, Winston, Soldier: 76, Genji and Widowmaker is on the front line. Reaper, D.Va, Mercy and Reinhardt stand behind. Torbjörn, Lúcio and Zarya is standing on a higher platform on the left. Symmetra, Bastion, Mei, Junkrat, Roadhog, Zenyatta and McCree is standing on the higher platform behind. A triumphant music plays in the background.]

[Cut to the Overwatch logo.]

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